Located at the core area of Qingshen Economy Development Zone in Mishan City, Sichuan Province, Kimou (Southwest China Qingshen) Surface Treatment Recycling Economy Industrial Park , the fourth surface treatment park invested and constructed by Kimou Environmental, is established under the instructions of the China Western Development in the Thirteenth Five-Year Development Plan and the Guidance of the Industries Shift to the Central and West Regions, as well as the normative documents of the Opinions on Further Regulating Electroplating Industry issued by Department of General Office of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, taking into account the actual conditions of the surface treatment industry in Sichuan Province, to enhance the environment comprehensive remediation and for the purpose of facilitating the local economic development and ecological environmental protection. 


The planned site area and gross floor area of Qingshen Park is of approximately 750,000 m2 and 1 million m2, respectively, and its wastewater treatment capacity is of 20,000 tonnes per day. It is anticipated that upon completion of construction of the entire park, Qingshen Park can serve approximately 200 surface treatment enterprises from military, aerospace, aviation, high-speed rail, automobile, electronics and metal industry. 


Qingshen Park is planned to be constructed in four phases. Main construction includes wastewater treatment centre, industrial waste recycling centre, risk control and emergency command centre, underground pipe corridor, thermal energy centre, 110kV substation, ready-built factories and built-to-suit factories and logistics warehouse. The construction of the first phase has started in May 2021, which includes 10 ready-built factories with area of approximately 130,000 m2, a wastewater treatment centre with area of approximately 33,000 m2 and underground pipe corridor of approximately 2.2km. 


Qingshen Park is built as a green and energy-saving surface treatment demonstrative park with sustainable development and circular economy, to help the major economic development in western China and serves as important support for the development electronic information industry, automobile manufacturing industry, machine manufacturing industry and high-end equipment manufacturing industry in the southwest region. It aims at becoming the important ancillary base for the development of modernized high-end equipment manufacturing industry and automobile industry in the southwest region.





Admission to the Park

Admission Procedure

The six steps are: assessment for admission, contract signing, project approval, fitting out management, inspection and acceptance of the project, and admission management.


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