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Kimou Environmental Holding Limited (“Kimou Environmental”) is a large-scale surface treatment circular economy industrial park construction operator in the PRC and a national listed company of surface treatment industrial park (stock code: 06805.HK). Since its development in 2005, Kimou Environmental has always adhered to park management as the centre, enterprise services as the focus and sewage treatment as the core. The Group is committed to promoting the green upgrading of the surface treatment industry, improving the overall manufacturing industry chain and facilitating the green and sustainable development of industrial manufacturing in the PRC.


The Group currently has five large-scale surface treatment circular economy industrial parks in Huizhou, Guangdong; Jinghai, Tianjin; Jingzhou, Hubei; Qingshen, Sichuan; and Taixing, Jiangsu respectively, forming an industrial pattern in the PRC in the south, north, centre, west and east. As a result, the surface treatment industry will be promoted to develop in an intensive, concentrated and clustered manner, contributing to the high quality development of the regional economy and the high level of environmental protection.


The five industrial parks cover a total planning area of about 3.37 million square metres and have a total planned wastewater treatment capacity of approximately 102,000 tonnes/day. The industrial parks have a total planning of nearly 900 enterprises, currently with over 300 surface treatment enterprises in the industrial parks. Each park controls the source and separately collects the electroplating wastewater generated by enterprises, and adopts physiochemical processing, organic processing, ion exchange, double membrane processing, advanced oxidation and other process technologies for centralised treatment, for deep purification, recycling of heavy metal resources and reuse of pure water. After treatment, over 60% of the wastewater is recycled and the rest is discharged in accordance with the standards.


At the same time, Kimou Environmental actively explores the advanced treatment technology of electroplating wastewater, and worked together with Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School, Nanjing University, Nanchang Hangkong University and other institutions of higher education and relevant research and development institutions, to build a strong technical platform, constantly explore and implement more advanced, professional and environmentally friendly electroplating wastewater treatment technologies and systems.


With over a decade of efforts, Kimou Environmental has been awarded the honorary titles including China Electroplating Demonstration Park, Integrated Demonstration Park, Industrial Park Management Innovation Award and China Surface Engineering Industry Science and Technology Award. Kimou Environmental has three national high-tech enterprises and over 100 national  patents, and has successfully organised the 4th and 5th National Electroplating Park Construction and Operation Seminar in the PRC.


Meanwhile, Kimou Environmental adheres to the concept of professional services and scientific management, addressing sewage treatment issues for enterprises in the industrial parks while creating an all-round comprehensive service platform, allowing enterprises to focus on core businesses such as production and operation and technological innovation, gradually establishing a harmonious synergy, win-win cooperation and value-sharing park-enterprise ecology.


In the future, Kimou Environmental will continue to pursue the concept of green, low-carbon and circular development. By leveraging on the broader capital market, Kimou Environmental will identify sites for park construction, steadily implement the strategic layout, make every effort to promote high-quality economic development and high-level protection of the ecological environment, and contribute to the construction of a Beautiful China where humankind and nature come together in harmony.



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